Smoke Detector

Every 83 seconds a residential fire breaks in the U . s . States. Every year, residential fires injure over 39,000 American children younger than 14. In 2-thirds of those houses, the smoke detector either does not work or does not exist.

Statistics reveal that setting up a smoke detector saves lives. Based on the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), “Houses having a smoke detector routinely have a dying rate that’s 40 to 50 % under the rate for houses without smoke detector.”

The NFPA sets the guidelines and rules relating to residential smoke detectors, but many people are not aware of those guidelines. The NFPA also offers the public with info on smoke detector maintenance and when you replace them.

Smoke Detector Rules For Existing Homes

Just because a smoke detector is generally is not hardwired into the electrical systems of numerous older houses, retrofitting these homes with a brand new smoke detector is frequently difficult. But, improving your smoke detector is important to making certain you and your family are secure if a fire ever breaks out in your house.

Link to NFPA smoke detector regulations for existing homes.

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