Upgrading an Electrical Panel

Upgrading an Electrical Panel


Federal Pacific Electrical panel

Is your current home at associated risk of an electrical fire?

Look very carefully at your circuit breaker panel.

Numerous homes constructed during the 1970’s and 1980’s currently have electrical circuit breaker panels manufactured by Federal Pacific Electric.

In the event that your home has a Federal Pacific Electric Panel, make sure you read this particular information to understand much more about the dangers of malfunctioning circuit breakers in FPE Stab-Lok circuit breaker panels FPE Stab-Lok circuit breaker panels



Federal Pacific Electrical panel known problems:

  • Breakers do not always trip when circuit is overloaded
  • Breakers arc to the buss bar and damage it
  • Breakers are damaged by arcing and heat
  • Replacement breakers are expensive
  • Breaker failure can cause electrical fire



Cost For Upgrading an Electrical Panel

Electrical power through the electrical power company’s line generally flows through the homes outside meter and into the electrical panel, which usually controls the flow of electricity into the house.

Full electricity consumption will not exceed the panel’s capacity, which may be 100, 150, 200 or 400 amps.

Houses may additionally have sub-panels which are located someplace else, which are smaller sized versions of the main panel and wired through it.

Typical costs:

Typically it costs $850-$1,250 to have a qualified electrician upgrade an existing panel to 100 amps, if a new panel is needed the cost will be between $1,300-$1,900

Expect to pay $1,500-$2,800 to upgrade to 200 amps, or $2,000-$4,000 to go to 400 amps.

Installing a new sub-panel will be between $500-$1,000.





What should be included

Electrical panels in an older home probably have a reduced capacity, but 100 amps is the current minimum required, while 150 amps or 200 amps are common.

Several new homes have been built at 400 amps, which generally is achieved by using a 400-amp meter and two 200-amp panels.

This is simply not a do-it-yourself project; significant electrical wiring modifications ought to be done by a licensed electrical contractor.

Check with the local planning department for any local limitations or requirements; usually an electrical permit is needed.

Permit price varies widely across the country.






If required, the upgrading process of the electrical panel might include replacing outdated electrical wiring, installing a copper grounding rod, and removing and replacing the existing electrical circuit breaker/fuse panel.













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