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Electricians in Ashburn, Virginia

Super Service LogoResidential Electrical Services in Ashburn, Virginia

When you need residential electrical services in Ashburn, RC Electrical Services is here to help! When you don’t have the right electrical contractor, your project becomes more difficult.

Whether you want to install new light fixtures, need a major upgrade to your circuit panel system or are interested in an energy saving consultation, RC Electrical Services are ready to assist you, ensuring all wiring is done safely and properly to the latest electrical code standards.

Our Residential Electrical Services in Ashburn, Virginia include:

  • New residential and small commercial projects
  • Remodels and Rehab
  • Service Entrance / Main Panel upgrades
  • Basement finished
  • Service calls and troubleshooting / Repair of existing electrical installations
  • Hot tubs, Spas and all major appliances
  • Upgrades homes to Current Electrical Code when buying / selling
  • Code Violation Correction
  • Install all lighting – including general, Under counter and Landscape lighting
  • Motion, Dusk to Dawn and Dimmer switch
  • Attic Fan
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Recessed and Track Lighting
  • Standby generator, Panels and Sub Panels
  • Baseboard Heating
  • Circuits, Lighting or Receptacle as needed
  • Telephone and Cable wiring installation
  • Telephone systems
  • Network Cabling
  • Modems
  • Path cords and Panels
  • Video Camera System
  • Whole House Audio and Communication System
  • Cinema Room (Custom Home Theater)

Residential Electrical Services in Ashburn, Virginia

When you need a residential electrician in Ashburn, there’s only one name you need to know: RC Electrical Services, owned by Rene Cartagena family business. Whether you want to upgrade your home to 200 amp service or need to install new outlet wiring, recessed lighting make us your company for all your residential electrical services and find out why we’ve been Ashburn’s most trusted electricians for nearly 15 years!

Need an Electrician in Ashburn, Virginia?

When you need an electrician in the Ashburn area, look no further than RC electrical Services owned by Rene Cartagena highly trained and certified Master Electrician can provide the best solution for the job, whether it’s new wiring installation, ceiling fan installation or electrical inspections.

RC Electrical Services has been servicing the needs of domestic clients in Virginia for over 15 years. Our Construction Department provides electrical solutions to small and new residential construction. Wide knowledge of electrical contracting service industry

Familiarity with NEC and local codes. Expert troubleshooting solving and customer service skills.

Contact an Electrician in Ashburn, Virginia

Contact RC Electrical Services where we provide results that are the distinction between being called back and being invited back. Call us today or fill out the online form on the bottom!

When you don’t have the right electrical contractor, your project becomes more difficult.

RC Electrical Services
Rene Cartagena
(703) 618-1571

Whether you want to install new light fixtures, need a major upgrade to your circuit panel system or are interested in an energy saving consultation, RC Electrical Services are ready to assist you, ensuring all wiring is done safely and properly to the latest electrical code standards.

where we provide results that are the distinction between being called back and being invited back.





February 09, 2013

RC Electrical Services is an excellent contractor for performing many different kinds of home improvement projects. I have used RC Electrical’s services on 3 separate projects, and I have been a customer for over 2 years. Each project was bigger and more complex than the other project. In ALL instances RC Electrical showed advanced expertise and great innovation. They are also very through, clean and organized after the completion of the project. Here is what they have done for us:
1) Improvement of the electrical structured cabling of our electrical outlets.
2) Installation of Closed Circuit TV Security Camera system.
3) Rewiring of the Kitchen Lights and kitchen cabinet lights.

I am also going to use their services to do entire wiring for the basement of our house including power, data and multimedia (sound system wiring).

Thank you so much for your professionalism RC Electrical.

Murat P.


December 21, 2012

Rene and his crew were professional, prompt, great quality work and ensured that we were satisfied. Would highly recommend!

Details of work: 200Amps Electrical Panel Upgrade; Wire and installed Home Theater Speaker; 220 Amps Dedicate receptacle outlet installed in basement

Freda B.


August 18, 2012

Rene did an excellent job. On time, efficient, and thorough.. Bedroom ceiling fan installation looks great as well as new bathroom switch. Highly recommended.

William P.


October 14, 2011

Rene was a great electrical contractor. His work, and the way he conducted himself on the job site, and in public, was nothing but polite and professional.

We hired Rene to wire our basement. He installed 5 circuits worth of recessed lights, outlets, GFI outlets and 3-way switches.

He also cleaned up the sloppiness the home builder had left in the mechanical room.

He was always on time, and the inspector even complemented on the quality of his work. He said, “You can tell when someone knows what they are doing, the work is very clean and makes my job as an inspector very easy.” As a home owner, that is the kind of thing you want to hear when you are having people do work in the biggest investment of your life.

I will be recommending RC Electrical Service to all of my friends and use him for all future work.



September 21, 2011

RE: Electrical Services by Rene Cartagena



I am writing this letter to highly recommend Rene Cartagena to provide electrical services.

During the past few weeks my family has employed Rene to do two separate large electrical jobs.

First, Rene completely redid the entire electrical system on an old (60 years or older) 1400 square foot cottage on our property.

The work involved redoing the entire electrical system — which had to be brought up to the International Code, including grounding, outside outlets, inside outlets, wiring for all appliances, furnace, well, air conditioning, telephone, internet and cable services, and installing a new breaker panel. In addition Rene hung light fixtures and installed recessed lights.

Second, we asked Rene to update the communications wiring in our primary residence….which did not have cable wiring or high speed internet wiring.

Rene did an excellent job on the work in both places.

First, since there was no general contractor or architect involved, Rene, after asking us about what we needed, figured out what had to be done to accomplish our goals, drew sketches to show us, and fully, carefully, and patiently explained to us his recommendations. Then he gave us fixed price proposals which were very reasonable.

Rene came when he said he would, did excellent work, kept the workplace as neat as he could (given that in both cases he was fishing wires behind walls), and was polite, courteous, and always pleasant on the job site. In the cottage where there were other tradesmen at work, Rene got along well and was able to get his work done efficiently.

The wiring for our primary residence was very complicated because we were trying to integrate old lines with new lines and to do as little damage to the drywall as possible. Rene had to do some complex wiring to make it all work…but he would not quit until he had it completely figured out.

Rene is well-organized, always brings the materials he needs to the job site, and is logical and careful. He clearly takes great pride in his work and wants it to be perfect. After he was done, with the assistance of his brother, the drywall was patched nicely and matching paint was placed on the walls so that none could see where the work had been done. Then Rene cleaned up the areas where they had done work, replaced all the furniture, and helped rehang pictures–all with patience and a cheerful disposition.

I have really enjoyed having Rene do this work for us and we look forward to calling him in the future to help us with our electrical needs.

I highly recommend him. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone me at 202 994-3958 or 703 759-2951 or send me an e-mail at lzubrow@law.gwu.edu.

Luize E. Zubrow

– Luize


September 19, 2011

I’m working at home and need a good internet wire connection, He came to my house and gave a solution to what I wanted
Thanks Rene.

– Sellers


September 19, 2011

I personally want to thanks and recommend the services of electrical installations provided by René Cartagena, The service is professionally done by the same person, very affordable prices within reach of every pocket and the references of his work give us the guarantee of a good work.

– Helen



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How To Save Energy

How To Save Energy


Close the flue damper in a wood-burning fireplace to keep air-conditioned air from going up the chimney.


Use appliances at night to help reduce the energy load on your power provider.


The “peak hours” are the busiest for electric utilities, and during summer those hours are typically between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. You can help keep costs down by doing some of your household chores before or after peak hours.


Close shades, blinds, or drapes on east-, south-, and west-facing windows to reflect heat away from the house. Better yet, install awnings to repel heat before it reaches windows and doors.


When showering, turn on a bathroom exhaust fan to remove humidity. If using an air conditioner, don’t let the exhaust fan run longer than necessary because it will remove expensive air-conditioned air.


For clothes that need ironing, remove them from the dryer while they are still damp. While the iron is hot, iron several items rather than just one or two.


For safety and energy efficiency, install solar powered or low- voltage lights along garden paths and walkways.


Plant an evergreen tree wind-break on the northern and northwestern sides of your home to block cold winter winds.


As you prepare your home for those upcoming colder months, weatherize doors and windows with caulking, weather stripping and plastic to prevent cold air from entering your home.


Don’t forget to save an additional 5 percent during the annual Energy Sales Tax Holiday in Virginia.


How To Save Energy

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